Soft, nutritious and genuine

We believe in a soft kibble , which is not dried and extruded at high temperatures. This is why we cook Tenerosi in a pot, so that your meal is healthy, nutritious and genuine , as well as pleasant and delicious!

For its vital fullness

At Pura Natura we believe that nutrition is the basis of their psycho-physical well-being . For this reason, Tenerosi have been studied for their ideal weight and to prevent the risk of weight-related diseases , many of which are linked to an incorrect diet.

For its Future

The Tenerosi take care of them like this:

  • raw materials grown by us and selected by Italian excellence
  • we don't dry, but we keep everything fresh and nutritious by cooking in a pot
  • high digestibility of proteins
  • quality fats and low doses
  • contains many soluble fibers
How we do them

Find out how Tenerosi are born!

Freshly picked vegetables and aromatic herbs, fresh meat from Italian excellence, and... a big pot!

Prima fase

Le verdure fresche, raccolte al mattino da Gianni ed Anna, vengono portate direttamente in cucina per essere preparate con cura.

Seconda fase

Queste si uniscono alla carne fresca cotta in mattinata, proveniente dai nostri fornitori di fiducia: macellai e collaboratori di ristoranti che ci forniscono i migliori ritagli della ristorazione.

Terza fase

Aggiungiamo poi uova fresche delle dolomiti, un pizzico di miele bio dei colli berici ed erbe aromatiche appena colte.

Quarta fase

Il tutto viene lentamente cotto in pentola tra i 90 e i 100 gradi, così da preservare al massimo gusto e proprietà nutritive degli ingredienti, mantenendo i Tenerosi freschi, morbidi e genuini.

Quinta fase

Infine, preserviamo freschezza e bontà confezionando il tutto in atmosfera protettiva.

Discover the difference

Tender or Croquettes?

Discover the difference

Tender or Croquettes?

Drying kibble at high temperatures involves:

destruction of many nutritional properties

loss of natural palatability, recovered in the tangerine

a monotonous and often unpleasant consistency

dry product? Little volume, high calories and feeling of hunger!

Cooking the Tenerosi in a pot:

preserves the nutrients of fresh ingredients

it doesn't reduce the palatability, but enhances it!

it gives a very pleasant texture, similar to meat!

makes them more digestible and satiating!

A unique croquette!








With the meat of Italian excellences

When to choose them?

When to choose them?

If your four-legged friend has difficulty eating dry kibble .

If you have digestive problems or a capricious appetite .

If you want to feed him with products that are kept fresh, and therefore nutritious and genuine, which contribute to his general well-being .

Do you want to move to Tenerosi? Find how!

To help your furry friend get used to the new diet based on Tenerosi Pura Natura, follow the short guide below.

Furthermore, remember to vary the type of protein at least once a month , so as to guarantee a varied and balanced diet that removes the risk of developing intolerances!

Day 1 - 2

25% Tender
75% Old food

Day 3 - 4

50% Tender
50% Old food

Day 5 - 7

75% Tender
25% Old food

Day 8+

100% Tender