Since its birth, Pura Natura has been committed to the protection of biodiversity .

For this reason he chose to grow without the use of chemicals and to produce using renewable energy sources.

For their well-being, and that of the Earth

The sun

The Sun is Pura Natura's dearest source of energy because it helps our plants grow strong and luxuriant. But not only that: we have installed photovoltaic panels on our factories and this allows us to produce and use only clean electricity. The water used in the manufacturing processes is instead heated with solar thermal systems.

Our organic

Back in 2006 we proudly obtained our organic certification . Since our birth, we have been passionately committed every day to protecting biodiversity, keeping tradition alive and adopting new sustainable technologies. Our fields are cultivated with love, avoiding the use of herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers , in order to guarantee the purity and authenticity of our products. For their well-being and that of the Earth.

Natural drying

Our method of drying aromatic herbs and medicinal plants is based on the use of a natural dryer , unique in its kind and totally powered by solar energy . This allows us to maintain a very high level of authenticity of the raw materials we process.

KM Zero

The crops are a stone's throw from the distillation and production plants.

In this way we can use very fresh raw materials and reduce Co2 emissions resulting from transport.

The times of Nature

At Pura Natura we respect nature and its times . This is why we combine artisan craftsmanship with modern sustainable production techniques.