Tenderosi: a unique taste

Do you know what makes Tenerosi so extraordinary? They are cooked in a pot.
Forget about boring, dry kibble that animals barely tolerate. Tenerosi have the consistency and flavor of meat. We do not add synthetic appetizers and sodium glutamate. We only use the freshest ingredients cooked in a pot, which is why they are so appetizing.


Forget about dry and tasteless croquettes! The Tenerosi are not extruded, but cooked slowly in a pot in our PuraNatura kitchens. This controlled cooking method guarantees a soft texture that will make your four-legged friend go crazy.


We only use fresh, high-quality ingredients from controlled origins. Thanks to the collaboration with our "Italian Excellences", we guarantee only the best for your four-legged companion.


Our special cooking technique preserves all the essential nutrients of the ingredients, without compromising their quality. Fibre, vitamins and minerals come together to create a balanced and healthy meal for your furry friend.


Tenerosi maintain the high palatability of fresh ingredients cooked in a pot intact. No drying here! Every bite is an explosion of flavor that will make your furry friend rejoice.



If your four-legged friend has difficulty eating dry kibble.

If you have digestion problems or a capricious appetite.

If you want to feed him with authentic products that contribute to his overall well-being

But how do the Tenerosi come to life?

It all starts with our organic crops…

  1. The fresh vegetables, harvested in the morning by our operators, are taken directly to the kitchen to be carefully prepared.
  2. Here they are combined with fresh meat, coming from our trusted butchers.
  3. Everything is slowly cooked in a pot between 90 and 100 degrees to preserve the taste and nutritional properties intact.
  4. We then add fresh organic eggs, fresh honey and freshly picked aromatic herbs. The cooking broth and controlled processing make the Tenerosi soft and tasty.
  5. Finally, packaging takes place in a modified atmosphere to preserve freshness and goodness.

Discover the flavors!

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