Dental Stick

Dental Sticks for Dog

The first dental stick made with fresh fruit and officinal herbs from chemical-free farming, to clean your dog teeth.
Our Dental Stick has a soft and enveloping texture and contains ingredients with gentle abrasive effect and plant extracts with beneficial effects for teeth and gums.
The innovative consistency and formulation provide gentle cleaning of teeth and beneficial effects on the gums.
Sage and horsetail
Sage and equisetum are officinal plants active for the cleaning of teeth thanks to both mechanical action and active ingredients contained.
Sage has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties which in synergy with horsetail astringent features, cleans the dental plaque and improves the health of your dog’s mouth.

Sage and horsetail are both from our chemical-free farming.
100% of the product made in our laboratories in Italy.

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