The herbs of cats

A SIMPLE, NATURAL, BENEFICIAL gift, find out what it give to your cat, brings the NATURE TO YOUR HOME.

THE ORIGINAL CATNIP, Catnip … from organic cultivation Very famous plant loved by cats

Catnip has the characteristic of containing in its leaves, stems and roots an insect repellent substance.

It also contains menthol, which gives it the scent of mint that allows it to be recognized. Catnip is generally loved by cats because it contains a substance called Nepetalactone, a substance similar to cat pheromones.

Like to almost all cats but above for very young ones,
What the cat does: He generally goes near it, purrs, rubs and eats a few.

It is said to be the plant of happiness for cats, certainly it has an euphoric, exciting, anti-mosquito effect.